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The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Course has been created for use by educational centres and training organisations around the globe, as well as for use by professionals and students in "self-study" distance learning format. Each training module can be presented as a separate seminar or workshop, or as a section of a college or university course. Combined, they can be presented as a two to four week intensive or a one to two semester regular course. In addition to the presentation slides, instructor's voice and notes available, the training material includes a collection of case studies and an engineering textbook.

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Other training material
To complement the RETScreen Training Course material, there are useful links to training material from other organisations (e.g. NRCan's Office of Energy Efficiency - OEE, United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP etc.). In addition to this recently developed material, there are also links to older, but still relevant, information for energy efficiency measures. Written in the 1980s, the books in the Energy Management Series are technical manuals that cover a number of topics in the RETScreen Energy Efficiency Measures Model. Although references to energy prices and capital costs in those documents are no longer current, the basic theory and work examples remain valid and instructive.

The RETScreen Training Course (i.e. presentation slides, e-Textbook chapters, linked documents, etc.) is provided for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Canada nor constitute an endorsement of any commercial product or person. Neither Canada nor its ministers, officers, employees or agents make any warranty in respect to this Training Course or assumes any liability arising out of the use of this Training Course.

Some of the content of the Training Course has been posted for organizations (e.g. UNEP) or other entities that are not necessarily subject to Canada's Official Languages Act. Some of the material found in the Training Course (e.g. UNEP's "Energy Efficiency Guide for Industry in Asia" - which is applicable worldwide, not just Asia) is therefore in the Language(s) used by those organizations or other entities in question.