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Data & help access

In RETScreen Plus, the RETScreen user manual can be accessed by clicking the "?" icon or by pressing the F1 key on the keyboard.
In RETScreen 4 and REFRIG3, the RETScreen User Manual, the Product, Climate, Hydrology and Project Databases, and the RETScreen Website, can be accessed through the Excel menu bar under the "RETScreen" option, or through the RETScreen Toolbar, as shown in the next figure. For example, to access the user manual the user clicks on the "?" icon.
Data & help access

In Excel 2007, the RETScreen Menu and Toolbar can be accessed by clicking on the RETScreen tab (on the Excel Menu) as shown in the next figure.
Data & help access

The RETScreen User Manual, or help feature, is "cursor location sensitive" and therefore gives the help information related to the cell where the cursor is located.

To access the product database specific to the type of system being considered, the user should click on the "blue-underlined" hyperlink next to the entry cell that says "see product database" or "see PDB."

Note that a number of the links in the manual are hyperlinks to the Internet.