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Heat recovery

The energy performance of a heat recovery system is influenced by a number of factors. These typically include the (energy-to-energy, steam-to-steam, steam-to-water, water-to-water, or other fluid-to-other fluid) flow rate, temperature, pressure, density and/or heat capacity. Other factors will also include the heat recovery efficiency and the number of hours that the heat recovery system is operating. Refer to the Heat Exchangers Examples for more information.

Software & Data
The RETScreen Software Heat Recovery Model can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy use and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for waste heat recovery projects. The software can model a wide variety of projects in industrial and other types of facilities ranging from products preheating before drying using hot plant effluents in the chemical and petrochemical industry, to water heating using a condensing economizer at the boiler stack in pulp and paper mills, to waste heat recovery from refrigeration systems to produce hot water in dairy and meat processing plants. The software (available in multiple languages) also includes product, project and climate databases, and a detailed user manual.

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Training material
Waste Heat Recovery - UNEP - Presentation slides (1.59 MB)
Waste Heat Recovery - UNEP - Speaker's notes (31 KB)
Waste Heat Recovery - UNEP - Workshop exercise (10 KB)
Waste Heat Recovery - UNEP - Quiz (22 KB)

e-Textbook / Guides
Waste Heat Recovery - UNEP - Guide (300 KB)
Heating and Cooling Equipment - Steam & Water - Guide (3.41 MB)
Process Furnaces, Dryers and Kilns - Guide (2.22 MB)
Waste Heat Recovery - Guide (2.54 MB)
Heat Recovery from Kitchen Refrigeration - Technical fact sheet (318 KB)
Heat Recovery with Boiler Stack Economizers - Technical fact sheet (306 KB)

Case studies / Templates
Energy efficiency measures - Industrial - Heat recovery - Brewery
Energy efficiency measures - Industrial - Heat recovery - Dairy
Energy efficiency measures - Industrial - Heat recovery - Food processing
Energy efficiency measures - Industrial - Heat recovery - Petrochemical
Energy efficiency measures - Industrial - Heat recovery - Pulp and paper
Energy efficiency measures - Industrial - Heat recovery - Reciprocating engine
Energy efficiency measures - Industrial - Ventilation - Heat recovery


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