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To introduce the RETScreen Energy Efficiency Project Model and train participants on how to properly use the software to assess the technical & financial viability of various types of energy efficiency measures.


The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software can be used to evaluate various types of Energy Efficiency Measures Projects. It can investigate the viability of energy efficiency improvements in a wide range of residential, commercial, institutional buildings, and industrial facilities, from single-family homes and apartment complexes, to office buildings, to hospitals, to large pulp and paper mills. The software can be used to assess projects incorporating a variety of energy efficiency measures associated with building envelope, ventilation, lights, electrical equipment, hot water, pumps, fans, motors, process electricity, process heat, process steam, steam losses, heat recovery, compressed air, refrigeration, and more. It is useful for both new construction and retrofits. Whole facilities can be modelled, or sub-systems and rooms can be studied individually.

Course Outline

This intermediate-level course will provide intensive instruction on RETScreen's Energy Efficiency Project Model, including:
  • Overview of energy efficiency project analysis
  • Building envelope and ventilation analysis
  • Lights, pumps, fans and motors analysis
  • Process loads and steam losses analysis
  • Compressed air and heat recovery analysis
  • Whole-facility energy analysis
  • Hands-on completion of project templates and case studies

Target Audience

Course participants typically include engineers, architects, scientists and technicians who have already used RETScreen for a particular technology or application, but who would like to expand and deepen their knowledge of the Energy Efficiency Project Model, as well as learn helpful tips-and-tricks to strengthen their analyses.


A university or college degree in a technical or analytical field, or equivalent experience.

Duration: 3 days

Cost: $1,499 + sales tax

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