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Combined heat & power (Cogeneration)

Combined heat and power (CHP or cogeneration) systems produce both electricity and useful heat using a combustible fuel. The recovered "waste" heat from the power generation can be provided to a heating and/or cooling load (e.g. via an absorption chiller). The production of electricity, heat and cold is also referred to as trigeneration or polygeneration. Refer to the following schematics for more information: Combined Heating & Power Project; Combined Cooling & Power Project; Combined Cooling, Heating & Power Project; Gas Turbine Schematic; Gas Turbine - Combined Cycle Schematic; Reciprocating Engine Schematic; Steam Turbine Schematic; and Fuel Cell Schematic.

Software & Data
The RETScreen Software Combined Heat & Power (Cogeneration) Model can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for central-grid, isolated-grid and off-grid cogeneration (CHP) projects. The software can model a wide variety of projects ranging in size from large scale coal-fired steam turbine central plants or natural gas-fired gas turbine - combined cycle central plants connected to district energy networks, to biomass-fired distributed energy systems providing cooling, heating and power to institutional and commercial buildings and industrial facilities, to stand-alone energy supplies for commercial and institutional buildings, to small-scale remote reciprocating engine CHP systems.

The software can be used to assess projects incorporating a variety of power, heating and/or cooling equipment, all working under various operating conditions (base load, intermediate load and/or peak load). Further, it permits analysis with a wide range of renewable and conventional (fossil) fuels (which can be used in parallel), including landfill gas; biomass; bagasse; biodiesel; biogas; hydrogen; natural gas; oil/diesel; coal; municipal waste, etc. A Load & Network Design worksheet can be used to prepare a preliminary design and cost estimate for district heating and/or cooling networks. In addition, landfill gas production can be estimated using an advanced landfill gas tool, and a biogas tool is provided to calculate the amount of biogas produced by the biological decomposition of various wastes. The software (available in multiple languages) also includes product, project, and climate databases, and a detailed user manual.

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Training material
RETScreen - Combined Heat & Power (Cogeneration) - Presentation slides (1.69 MB)
RETScreen - Combined Heat & Power (Cogeneration) - Voice & slides (23:59 minutes)
RETScreen - Combined Heat & Power (Cogeneration) - Speaker's notes

Cogeneration - UNEP - Presentation slides (1.02 MB)
Cogeneration - UNEP - Speaker's notes (35 KB)
Cogeneration - UNEP - Workshop exercise (23 KB)
Cogeneration - UNEP - Quiz (20 KB)

e-Textbook / Guides
RETScreen - Combined Heat & Power (Cogeneration) - e-Textbook chapter
RETScreen - Combined Heat & Power Project Model (V3)- User manual (4.49MB)
Cogeneration - UNEP - Guide (195 KB)
Compressors and Turbines - Guide (4.52 MB)

Case studies / Templates
Cooling, heating & power - Gas turbine - Desiccant - 30 kW - Natural gas / USA
Cooling, heating & power - Recip engine - Abs. - 450 kW - Natural gas / USA
Cooling, heating & power - Recip engine - Abs. - 1,800 kW - Diesel (#2 oil)/USA
Cooling, heating & power - Steam turbine - Abs. - 11,750 kW - Natural gas/USA
Combined heating & power - Gas turbine - 30 kW - Biogas / USA
Combined heating & power - Gas turbine - 3,630 kW - Natural gas / UK
Combined heating & power - Gas turbine - Apartment building
Heating & power - Gas turbine - combined cycle - 8,200 kW - Landfill gas / UK
Combined heating & power - Reciprocating engine - 50 kW - Biogas / Canada
Combined heating & power - Reciprocating engine - 65 kW - Biogas / Canada
Combined heating & power - Reciprocating engine - 625 kW - Biogas / Thailand
Heating & power - Steam turbine - 2,000 kW - Palm oil - waste / Malaysia
Heating & power - Steam turbine - 14,000 kW - Palm oil - waste / Malaysia


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