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Windows/Excel & other

  • I have downloaded the RETScreen 4 or REFRIG3 software but cannot open it in Excel?

    Software & Data Requirements: Microsoft® Excel 2000 or higher; Microsoft® Windows 2000 or higher; and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher. Please make sure that the latest updates from Microsoft ( for Windows and Excel are installed on your computer.

  • I have downloaded the RETScreen Plus software but cannot open it?

    Software & Data Requirements: Microsoft® Windows XP or higher; and Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher. Note that the Full Profile version must be installed, not just the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile version. Please make sure that the latest updates from Microsoft ( are installed on your computer.

  • Many cells in the software are password protected and we cannot input our values?

    Cells that are password protected usually contain formulae that calculate the values for these particular cells. Consult the manual for a description of these particular cells and cell colour coding.

  • Can I use RETScreen with Quattro Pro, or Lotus 123 or OpenOffice/Calc?

    No, some of the Visual Basic programming in the macros may not be properly translated.

  • Can I use RETScreen with a Macintosh?

    The RETScreen Software does not work directly on Macintosh. However, you can install a virtual machine on your Mac OS and run RETScreen inside the virtual machine. We have many users using this successfully.

    Installing RETScreen on a Mac:

    To use RETScreen on a Mac, you need a copy of Windows (XP, Vista or Windows 7) and, for RETScreen Suite and REFRIG3, Microsoft Excel for Windows installed on your system. This can be achieved by installing a virtual Windows desktop on your Mac. A virtual Windows desktop lets you open a Windows window on your Mac desktop and run PC programs. To install a virtual desktop and get RETScreen running on your Mac, follow the steps below:

    1. 1. Download and install a virtual desktop program, such as VirtualBox (
    2. Once your virtual desktop program is installed, you will need to install a Windows operating system on it. To do so, you will need a copy of Windows. You will need to install Windows through the virtual desktop. To do this, open the virtual desktop program first, and then run the Windows installer.
    3. For RETScreen Suite and REFRIG3, once Windows is installed, you'll need to install Microsoft Excel for Windows on to your virtual desktop. You cannot use the version of Excel for Mac that you probably already have on your system. Again, you'll need a copy of Excel for Windows. Similar to how you installed Windows, Excel needs to be installed on the virtual desktop. When you insert the CD, you should be prompted to open the CD on the virtual desktop. Choose this option.
    4. Now that Windows, and Excel for RETScreen Suite and REFRIG3, are installed on your virtual desktop, you can download and install RETScreen. Open your virtual desktop, and use a browser to visit the RETScreen Website then follow the instructions from there.

  • Some of the cells are not large enough to indicate what the costs are?

    Upon opening, the RETScreen worksheets are set to a specific zoom in the Microsoft® Excel "View" menu. By setting this zoom to 100%, the contents of the cells may show properly. Of course, this will induce more right and left, up and down scrolling as less of each sheet will appear on the screen.