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Heating / Cooling

The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software can be used to evaluate various types of Heating Projects, Cooling Projects and Combined Heating & Cooling Projects. The software can be used to assess projects incorporating a variety of heating and/or cooling equipment, all working under various operating conditions (base load, intermediate load and/or peak load), for any one or combination of the following applications: single buildings or multiple buildings; industrial processes; communities; district heating and district cooling; crop drying, etc. Further, it permits analysis with a wide range of renewable and conventional (fossil) fuels (which can be used in parallel), including landfill gas; biomass; bagasse; biodiesel; biogas; hydrogen; natural gas; oil/diesel; coal; municipal waste, etc.

Training material
RETScreen - Heating / Cooling - Presentation slides (2.62 MB)
RETScreen - Heating / Cooling - Voice & slides (69:53 minutes)
RETScreen - Heating / Cooling - Speaker's notes

Cooling Towers - UNEP - Presentation slides (1.57 MB)
Cooling Towers - UNEP - Speaker's notes (32 KB)
Cooling Towers - UNEP - Workshop exercise (9 KB)
Cooling Towers - UNEP - Quiz (20 KB)
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - UNEP - Presentation slides (2.02 MB)
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - UNEP - Speaker's notes (31 KB)
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - UNEP - Quiz (20 KB)

e-Textbook / Guides
Cooling Towers - UNEP - Guide (267 KB)
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - UNEP - Guide (268 KB)
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - Guide (4.47 MB)
Refrigeration and Heat Pumps - Guide (3.27 MB)
Economizers for Packaged Air-Conditioning Units - Technical fact sheet (177 KB)

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