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Empowering Cleaner Energy Decisions



To introduce the RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software and train participants on how to properly use this decision support tool to assess the technical & financial viability of projects.


RETScreen allows decision-makers and professionals to determine whether or not a proposed renewable energy, energy efficiency, or cogeneration project makes financial sense. If a project is viable—or if it is not—the software will help the user understand this quickly. The technologies included in RETScreen’s energy models are all inclusive, and include both traditional and non-traditional sources of clean energy as well as conventional energy sources and technologies. Fully integrated into these analytical models are product, project, benchmark, hydrology and climate databases. Course participants will learn how to use RETScreen to conduct a five step standard analysis, including energy analysis, cost analysis, emission analysis, financial analysis, and sensitivity/risk analysis. They will also learn how to track the ongoing energy performance of projects using the new RETScreen Performance Analysis Module.

Course Outline

This beginner-level course will provide an intensive introduction to the RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software, including:
  • Overview of the RETScreen software
  • Energy efficiency, heating, cooling and power project analysis
  • Greenhouse gas emissions analysis
  • Financial & risk analysis
  • Databases & engineering tools
  • Overview of legal and policy toolkits
  • On-going energy performance analysis
  • Hands-on completion of project templates and case studies

Target Audience

Course participants typically include engineers, architects, scientists, technicians and financial planners who are relatively new to RETScreen, as well as other key stakeholders in clean energy.


A university or college degree in a technical or analytical field, or equivalent experience.

Duration: 3 days

Cost: $1,499 + sales tax

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