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RETScreen is well-known around the world as a tool to analyze the viability of clean energy projects. However, it is also useful for planning, designing, implementing, and reviewing the viability of clean energy policies. RETScreen allows participants in the policy process to consider the technology, business, and finance of clean energy in an integrated fashion, thus helping to develop appropriate – and ultimately, successful – policies.

To concretely demonstrate RETScreen’s value in the policy process, the RETScreen Clean Energy Policy Toolkit has been developed. This initiative was undertaken by NRCan/CanmetENERGY’s RETScreen International and supported financially by a grant from the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP).

The Toolkit can be accessed via the RETScreen website at:

Within this portal you can link to:
  • Specially designed clean energy policy case studies & templates
  • Sample clean energy policy documents referencing RETScreen
  • e-Textbook Chapter & Training Slides on Clean Energy Policy Analysis with RETScreen
To access the solutions to the case studies and templates, the user should download the latest version of the software. This Toolkit is also incorporated within the RETScreen Software User Manual, which is included with this free download.

Click here to download RETScreen Suite

There are now more than 350,000 RETScreen users in every country and territory of the world, where the software has been directly responsible for over $8 billion in user savings to-date.