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Power purchase agreements

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is a contract between an electricity producer and a purchasing entity (usually a local utility) for the sale and purchase of electricity generated by a power plant. It defines the price at which generated power is sold as well as various other obligations with respect to purchase of the generated power. A properly negotiated PPA is a critical part of a clean energy project (and often a precondition to external financing), as it allows a developer to accurately estimate the project's revenue stream over a number of years. Negotiating an appropriate PPA is among the most complicated aspects of developing a clean power project.

PPA Template - 39pg - General - MS Word (330 KB)
Master PPA - 43pg - USA - MS Word (1.37 MB)
Master PPA Optional Provisions - USA
Annotated Solar PPA - USA
Solar PPA Template - 36 pg - USA - MS Word (293 KB)
Wind PPA - 38pg - USA - PDF (92 KB)
PPA for Renewable Energy - 46pg - Canada - PDF (296 KB)
Short Renewables PPA with Additional Documents - USA
Comprehensive Offshore Wind PPA - 117pg - USA - PDF (976 KB)
Standard Sample PPA - 19pg - Sri Lanka - PDF (92 KB)
Comprehensive PPA - 96pg - Sri Lanka - PDF (501 KB)
French Language Renewable Energy PPA Document Suite - France


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