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Printing a file

In RETScreen Plus, to print a RETScreen file, the user should use the Print option in the Reporting worksheet. The user can also export the report in PDF (*.pdf) format. All the figures included in the report can also be exported in PNG (*.png) format.

In RETScreen 4 and REFRIG3, to print a RETScreen Workbook file, standard Excel printing procedures should be used. The workbooks have been formatted for printing the worksheets on standard "letter size" paper with a print quality of 600 dpi. If the printer being used has a different dpi rating then the user must change the print quality dpi rating by selecting "File, Page Setup, Page and Print Quality" and then selecting the proper dpi rating for the printer. Otherwise the user may experience quality problems with the printed worksheets.

To print a topic from the RETScreen User Manual the user should click on the "Print" icon located at the top left-hand side of the User Manual screen. Since the User Manual is built using a HTML compiler, the page layout will depend of the setting of the user's default Internet browser. To modify the page layout (for example, to remove the header and footer), the user must go into the Internet browser and select "File, Page Setup" and then do the required modification.

To print a topic from the RETScreen User Manual or a RETScreen Web page in PDF format, the user should select the PDF printer option in the "File, Print" menu as shown in the next figure.
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