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Template assignment

Base case
  • Rooftop electric vapor-compression cycle dehumidifier of 70 kW cooling capacity with a seasonal coefficient of performance of 3.0
  • The percentage of time that the cooling process is operating is as follows:
  • Electricity rate is $0.08/kWh, with capacity charges (demand charges) totaling around $1,000 annually due to the dehumidifier
Proposed case
  • A gas-fired desiccant dehumidifier with a capacity of 17 kW and a seasonal latent coefficient of performance of 0.35
  • End-use energy efficiency measures of 76% due to reduction of airflow to be cooled and dehumidified
  • Fan electricity consumption is roughly the same as in the base case scenario
  • Natural gas rate estimated at $8/GJ
  • The desiccant dehumidifier costs $11,000 more than the base case system

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