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Heating - Furnace - House

Template assignment

Base case
  • Heated floor area building is 250 m2
  • Heating load for building is 80 W/ m2
  • Heating capacity is 20 kW
  • Electric furnace with efficiency close to 100%
  • Cost of furnace is $2,500; minimal maintenance costs
  • Electricity rate is $0.10/kWh
Proposed case
  • A 20 kW oil furnace with a seasonal efficiency of 83%
  • New thermostat that comes with the new furnace results in a 10% energy saving
  • Furnace plus new flue liner and replacement oil tank will cost $5,000
  • Service contract for maintenance costs $200 per year
  • Heating oil #2 (diesel) costs $0.85/L

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