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RETScreen 4

RETScreen Version 4
RETScreen 4 is an Excel-based clean energy project analysis software tool that helps decision makers quickly and inexpensively determine the technical and financial viability of potential renewable energy, energy efficiency and cogeneration projects.

In RETScreen Version 4, the software's capabilities have been expanded from renewable energy, cogeneration and district energy, to include a full array of financially viable clean power, heating and cooling technologies, and energy efficiency measures. The international appeal of this decision support tool has been improved through the expansion of climate data, required by the tool, covering the entire surface of the planet, including central-grid, isolated-grid and off-grid areas, as well as through the translation of the software into 36 languages that cover roughly 2/3 of the world's population.

The key outputs of this significant effort are as follows:
  • Development of a suite of new models to evaluate energy efficiency measures for residential, commercial and institutional buildings; communities; and industrial facilities and processes.
  • Expansion of the RETScreen Climate Database to 6,700 ground-station locations around the globe and incorporation of the improved NASA Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy Dataset for populated areas, directly into the RETScreen software.
  • Integration of the existing RETScreen models for renewable energy (e.g. wind energy) and combined heat and power, along with the new models for energy efficiency measures, all into one software file, and expansion of the capabilities of existing models to evaluate emerging technologies, such as ocean current and wave power.
  • Translation of the integrated single software file and databases into 36 languages (e.g. Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.).
  • Broad dissemination of the tool via the RETScreen Website, with locally targeted training and dissemination by an international network of RETScreen trainers and outreach partners.
The expected outcome of this work is that by the end of 2012, an estimated 300,000 planners, professionals and decision-makers will have been empowered to make better energy decisions as a result of the knowledge transferred and by the subsequent use of the improved decision-making tools.

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