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What is RETScreen?

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RETScreen® International

RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software

The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is the world’s leading clean energy decision-making software. It is provided completely free-of-charge by the Government of Canada as part of Canada’s recognition of the need to take an integrated approach in addressing climate change and reducing pollution. RETScreen is a proven enabler of clean energy projects worldwide.

RETScreen significantly reduces the costs (both financial and time) associated with identifying and assessing potential energy projects. These costs, which arise at the pre-feasibility, feasibility, development, and engineering stages, can be substantial barriers to the deployment of Renewable-energy and Energy-efficient Technologies (RETs). By helping to break down these barriers, RETScreen reduces the cost of getting projects on the ground and doing business in clean energy.

RETScreen allows decision-makers and professionals to determine whether or not a proposed renewable energy, energy efficiency, or cogeneration project makes financial sense. If a project is viable—or if it is not—RETScreen will help the decision-maker understand this: quickly, unequivocally, in a user-friendly format, and at relatively minimal cost.

RETScreen is:
  • Used by more than 425,000 people in 222 countries and territories
  • Available in 35+ languages covering more than 2/3rds of the world’s population
  • Part of the curriculum in more than 600 universities and colleges worldwide

RETScreen has been directly responsible for over $8 billion in user savings globally. By virtue of enabling clean energy, RETScreen indirectly contributes to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions—a reduction conservatively estimated at 20 million tonnes per annum. It is also estimated that RETScreen has helped spur the installation of at least 24 GW of installed clean energy capacity worldwide with a value of approximately $41 billion.

Software and Data
Software and Data

RETScreen is the most comprehensive product of its kind, allowing engineers, architects, and financial planners to model and analyze any clean energy project. Decision-makers can conduct a five step standard analysis, including energy analysis, cost analysis, emission analysis, financial analysis, and sensitivity/risk analysis.

The technologies included in RETScreen’s project models are all-inclusive, and include both traditional and non-traditional sources of clean energy as well as conventional energy sources and technologies. A sampling of these project models include: energy efficiency (from large industrial facilities to individual houses), heating and cooling (e.g., biomass, heat pumps, and solar air/water heating), power (including renewables like solar, wind, wave, hydro, geothermal, etc. but also conventional technologies such as gas/steam turbines and reciprocating engines), and combined heat and power (or cogeneration).

Suite of Integrated Databases
Fully integrated into these analytical tools are product, project, hydrology and climate databases (the latter with 6,700 ground-station locations plus NASA satellite data covering the entire surface of the planet), as well as links to worldwide energy resource maps. And, to help the user rapidly commence analysis, RETScreen has built in an extensive database of generic clean energy project templates.

There is no other tool that helps conduct such an extensive analysis.

Comprehensive Training & Support Material

Training is an integral feature of RETScreen. Available within the downloaded software or on the website are free training modules varying in length from single lecture to multi-day course. Taken together, the training modules are sufficient to run a 2-4 week intensive or a
1-2 semester regular course. Included in the training materials are:
  • extensive webcasts, presentation slides, and instructor notes;
  • numerous case studies including assignments, worked-out solutions, and information about how the projects fared in the real world;
  • a detailed user manual;
  • an e-textbook which provides a detailed description of the algorithms used in the models;
  • a Clean Energy Legal Toolkit, including sample legal documents.

RETScreen’s development process exemplifies successful international cooperation. RETScreen is developed and maintained by the Government of Canada through Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY research centre in Varennes, Quebec and is supported by an international network of experts from industry, government and academia. Principal partners include the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).


With RETScreen, Canada is at the forefront of clean energy technology development – a critical element of the fight against climate change. Internationally recognized for its unique achievements, RETScreen is expanding and energizing the global market for renewable energy technologies, encouraging the implementation of energy efficiency measures, and contributing to a sustainable energy future. As the world moves towards addressing climate change and further protecting the environment, Canada intends to help lead the effort at home and abroad. RETScreen can and will have a substantial positive impact on the global clean energy industry.

We encourage you to download the software from our website and experience the power of RETScreen for yourself. And, if you are convinced of the value of our free software, please share RETScreen with your friends and colleagues.


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